The project aims to monitor the farmlands and collect visual data using drones to helpimprove crop growth. The conditions of the crops will then be analyzed as per the collected data via a software program.


Our project deals with farmers or firms who own acres of farmlands.In this case, the farmer's efforts to understand the condition of crops in their fields isn't enough. When done manually, there are some shortcomings, such as the limitations of ones line of sight to inspect all the plants over a large area, his ignorance or distraction, the energy spent by the farmer while going around the whole field and the time consumed in this process. There are a lot of conditions and parameters that cannot be detected or monitored by naked eyes. Moreover it's difficult for a person to remember the exact location of damaged crops when monitoring acres of land. This leads to damage of crops and in turn, a great loss to farmers. All these fallibilities will be solved in our project.