Intelligent tablet dispenser(ITD)


The changing lifestyle has rendered diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma. These diseases require regular and correct medication on daily basis. As age increases the number of medication also increases. It becomes difficult for the patient or caretaker to remember the different combination of medications at theright time. People tend to forget medications at a particular time which leads to medical complications. These mistakes could lead to unnecessary doctor or hospital visits, illness and even deaths.The aim of this project is to make it easy for a caregiver to load and program the device, and for the patient to take his/her medications on time, as prescribed by the physician.


1.Easy to load medications.
2.Vocal alert with instruction to take medication.
3.Reminder vocal alerts for non-pill medications.
4.Alert message or email to the caretaker ifthe dose is missed or error in dispensing.
5.Alert to refill the medicines.
6.Optional early dose feature.
7.Portable design.
8.Locked cabinets with password protection that allows caretakers and physicians to set the time and type of medicines to be dispatched.
9.It can be used for multiple patients who require different medications.
10.It can dispense multiple doses throughout the day.