We, at RadLab, have a passion to create products than mere projects. We spend most of the time catering to the needs of the society rather than creating projects only for the academic needs. Students dedicate their free time to broaden the horizons and to sharpen their skill set. We are a bunch of engineering enthusiasts who believe in thinking practically and like being called nerds.

2D Mapping

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Members:Vikram Shete ,Siddhesh Gotad ,Vikrant Fernandes

SLAM or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping is a field of robotics where in a robot constructs a map of an unknown environment it is placed in and localizes its position in that map. Technically this project cannot be termed as genuine SLAM based robot by the experts, but it uses cost finding algorithms like A-star and Djikstra's algorithm to contsruct the map. The robot traverses the room and maps it using the LIDAR(Light Detection and Ranging) sensor and returns back to the initial position.

Amazon Picking Challenge

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Members:Vikram Shete ,Flavian Pegado ,Mithil Raut , Jaykumar Patel ,Stalen Rumao

Team SFIT competed in the inaugral Amazon Picking Challenge 2015 held at ICRA 2015 in Seattle, USA. The system aimed at automating the process of picking up objects from the stocking shelf in huge warehouses like the ones used by Amazon.The multiple challenges included object detection, object recognition, motion planning, pose and orientation adjustments,gripping,etc.The team came up with an indigenious solution.Team SFIT was Selected among the top 32 teams from all around the world.Checkout the innovative approach taken:

Automatic Irrigation System

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Members:Faizan Shaikh, Ankit Shahu

The main purpose of this project is to develop an automatic plant irrigation system which switches the valve ON or OFFaccording to the moisture content of the soil. As we know that the use of proper method of irrigation is very important in the field of agriculture, similarly this approach applies to plants grown at balcony or a small garden level also. By using this type of irrigation system the position and amount of water is specificallytargeted thus saving resources, time, and human effort.

Autonomous Flight Of Quadrotors

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Members:Siddhesh Gotad,Vikrant Fernandes

Quadcopters and hex copters have been a fascination to the robotics community for over a decade now. Applications like Drone Taxi in Dubai, Pizza delivery, Amazon Air in UK are the latest achievements in this field. However, almost all applications in the field of drones are controlled and supervised by a human. In an attempt to remove user control and hand control to the robot itself, autonomous drones is a growing field of research across the globe.This research project is undertaken to achieve autonomous flight and also implement a payload drop package application.

Crop Monitoring Drone System

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Members:Nachiket Makwana, Jagdish Chaudary, Dristi Rao, Flavian Pegado, Varun Maniar, Mithil Raut, Vikram Shete

Agriculture is the largest livelihood provider in India. However, productivity of the farmland remains drastically low due to heavy dependence on uncertain rains, lack of irrigation, marginal use of mechanization etc. Monitoring farms and tending to produce effectively is a laborious task and involves large human presence, which reduces the efficiency.In order to increase productivity of farms, it is necessary to use technology which not only gives accurate data but also is cheap. The main motive of the project was to incorporate the use drone in agriculture sector.


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Members:Soham, Gaurang Date Mentors:Flavian Pegado, Mithil Raut

Curiosity is the spark behind all innovation. Kids are passionate about exploring their curiosity. We believe that kids have that ability to innovate. Their little minds can invent ideas which are beyond anyone's imagination. This project therefore aims to promote their ideas in the best possible way. Project Infinity is to teach kids of 5th to 10th class the basics of electronics, coding and Robotics; teaching them how to make a simple robot and the technology behind making of robots.

Intelligent Tablet Dispenser

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Members:Yash Dedania, Ankit shahu, Neha Nagarkoti, Tanvi Sinha
Mentors:Flavian pegado ,Mithil Raut,Siddhesh Gotad, Vikrant Fernandes

The changing lifestyle has rendered diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and many more. These diseases require regular and correct medication on daily basis. As age increases ases and it becomes difficult for the patient or caretaker to remember the different combination of medications at the right time and tend to forget medications.(ITD) makes it easy for a caretaker and for the patient to take his/her medications on time.
ITD secured 3rd position in Techtop Innovation challenge 2016

Ninja Box

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Members:Vikrant Fernandes , Siddhesh Gotad

Currently, high-tech security equipment are being deployed in corporate offices and homes. However, their major drawback is the cost. Moreover, lot of modifications are required to the existing arrangements to install these equipment. Ninja Box is a minimalistic security device that can camouflage itself in a given environment making it impossible for the intruder to locate it. It can alarm the user within seconds after a break in. User can change the internal configurations as per the application through an Android App.

Automatic Sugarcane Slicer and Processor (ASSAP)

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Members:Aaditya Khare, Aditi Pawaskar, Pravin Pandey, Swati Modi, Shreyash Shetty

Agriculture is the backbone of India. In India almost all farmers facing problems of labour shortage. Day by day labour wages are increasing and in the same way demand of agriculture products are also increasing. Automatic Sugarcane Slicer and Processor is a machine that makes the sugarcane harvesting process easier for the farmers. The purpose of developing this paper is to develop machine to reduce cost and time required for sugarcane harvesting. By using this harvesting machine and advance techniques we can increase the production in minimum cost and time.


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Members:Vikrant Fernandes,Siddhesh Gotad

With increasing cases of mugging, kidnapping and assualt, family and loved ones are always concerned about the whereabouts of an individual. In an attempt to address this social security issue and thus help put an ease to the anxiety of the family members we developed 'Track-E'.Track-E is a GPS embedded within a wristwatch. Equipped with a companion app for Android, 'Track-E' sends out scheduled location updates to the app. The watch also comes with a distress button, that on pressing, the app is immediately notified about the location of the wearer in real time and continues tracking the wearer until the tracking feature is disabled. This allows loved ones to be notified immediately of a distress.